Thoughts about Pixevety: Serious Photo Management for Schools


Pixevety in a College Environment

If you are serious about the privacy and security and the protected distribution of your Visual Assets, then you should look at using a Digital Asset Management software like Pixevety, currently in use at Glasshouse Christian College

I believe that parents should be given the opportunity to inform their School or College about what may or may not be done with their children’s photos. While this is a noble aspiration, it’s easy to say and difficult to do. 

I introduced Pixevety to the College in early in 2019, when we like many schools, needed a better way to manage our Visual Assets. 

I asked other schools what they were using and then researched various other photo management solutions. 

As the main driver for bringing Pixevety into our College, I not only had high expectations, but I felt responsible for its success. I was delighted when Pixevety exceeded my own expectations. 

Marcus and Colin are a delight to work with. After a product interview and on-site demonstration of their product, I hired them to work with us to ensure that Pixevity was introduced to our College as efficiently and effectively as possible.  

Why we needed a better solution

In my opinion, two many staff required access to our visual assets.

We did not have a clear retention policy, so everything was backed up. 

I felt uncomfortable being responsible for so many years of visual assets (about 15 years of photo collection) while still having very little control over who has access to our visual assets. 

What we have achieved by using Pixevety

We have gained better control of who has access to student photos. 

We are confident that our visual assets are being safely backed up. 

We are satisfied that our visual assets will remain in Australia.

We are confident that we can quickly identify students in photos


There are not many products you can compare with Pixevety and which can offer powerful photo management, including the upload, categorisation, long-term storage and retrieval, facial and object recognition and the fulfilment of privacy and compliance requirements.

I don’t know of a lot many software companies that actively employ a “Privacy Expert”, who can offer advice and assist with law compliance.I consider the Staff at Pixevety to be experts in the field of photo management. 

Pixevety has dedicated itself to partnering with schools and doing the right things for customers and have been rewarded with a strong following of loyal subscribers.

Colin, the owner has an evident passion for the Pixevety product which has been transferred to his sales and support team. 

Their customer service team is above average. 

See for yourself

Please do your own research: We are happy with the Pixevety. Your own mileage may vary depending on how willing your management team is to embrace change. 




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