Our Schoolbox Executive and Superuser Sessions

Our Executive and Superuser Sessions went very well and I am quite happy with what was accomplished on Thursday the 9th of April (All Day).

The Executive sessions are designed to ensure we are all working towards the same goal. Our trainer and guide Bell Chlosey managed the executive team well and did a great at keeping everyone focused and collecting information we needed to consider about our College and Community.

From what I could gather her task was to collect information from each of the stakeholders by asking strategic questions related to their specific area of responsibility and then taking us on a tour of Schoolbox demonstrating and revealing which parts of Schoolbox she believed we might be most interested in or advantaed by.

Our Executive Schoolbox Team 2019

By midday, I had successfully persuaded the key stakeholders who were part of the Executive to also attend the superuser session suggesting that they would very likely need to play a significant part helping me establish the initial framework and foundation.The Super User sessions were held immediately after the Executive sessions.

At the very least the executive team now have a better understanding about the size and scale of this project, a firm realisation that Schoolbox is a complex product which will require strategic planning and investment from every stakeholder to successfully roll out in our College.

On one hand, I’m a little disappointed to realise that my deepest fears about the company Schoolbox, as I’d suspected from the outset of this journey, are in fact true. “Schoolbox as a business” would like us to hurry slowly whereas I like to work and move swiftly by applying what I call “The Short Shap Shock”.

Rapid implementation mixed with and agility often works best and prevents projects from being derailed or becoming unnecessarily bureaucratic.

On the other, and quite naturally the product has the potential consolidate the various avenues we use in the college to share information and content with our students, staff and parents. Schoolbox will do also facilitate how we collect information from our staff, parents and students.

Executive and Super User Sessions

I’ll be careful to press forward with a strategic and well-timed, implication of some of the key features available in Schoolbox, those features which bring the highest return, other this might become an awkward and burdensome addition to our college if two many feature are enabled at once.

We’ve made significant progress, but unfortunately, we are still not very far down my list of initial objectives for Schoolbox,

What we have completed since 28th February 2019

  • Schoolbox Meetup / Conference in Melbourne
  • Executive Decision to invest in Schoolbox
  • Product Purchase
  • Schoolbox Installed (Production and Development)
  • Kick Start Meeting
  • Executive Session
  • Super Users Session

What we still have to do before November 2019



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