Schoolbox Kick-off Meeting on 1st April 2019

According to the Schoolbox the Kick Start meeting is simply a telephone call from a member of the Schoolbox Support team with your own IT Team designed your align their technical requirement with your own onsite technical resource.

Schoolbox Project Kick off Meeting

I was not clear about this at first so it came as some surprise to me that this was all it was, “There Customer and Support Team speaking with my Customer and Support Team”,  even so, it still took a little longer than I had expected it to.

They send me through a new customer form, again this was surprising because I had already completed a detailed form very early in our relationship, outlining our key stakeholders, billing, support and project stakeholders.

They previously and very kindly added me to their support Helpdesk which enabled me to open tickets and support request,  since then I have been very careful to use their Zendesk Helpdesk implementations for all my questions and support communication with Schoolbox.

Schoolbox Kick-off Agenda

Schoolbox Kick Off Meeting Agenda

I quite like the way Schoolbox work, you know where you stand and you have some idea are where you are going. They appear to be efficient at keeping notes, and setting achievable goals, and recording milestones along the way. All the same, I’m keeping my own set of records and planning notes.

I feel that Schoolbox is aligned with my plans and determination to make Schoobox a  successful project and implementation within our College.

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