Schoolbox Meetup 2019

Schoolbox Meetup 28th Feb 2019 – 1st March 2019

We had a great time that the Melbourne Cricket Grounds (MCG), we learnt a lot about the the LMS and about the the schools using Schoolbox and we were able to reach a point during the weekend where we felt confident about the choice were were making.

In the interest of due diligence and because our school is about to embark on our own Schoolbox journey I had successfully persuaded the key stakeholders to come with me to Melbourne to attend the 2019 Schoolbox Meetup and find out more about the teams behind the product.

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the presentations as well as and the keynote speakers.

Glasshouse SchoolBox Meetup Team 2019

Glasshouse Christian Schoolbox Meetup Team 2019

Key Note Take Aways

There was a Key Note Speaker on both day of the conference, and while they were both enlightening, I was encouraged most by Peter Hutton’s keynote about school  transformation,, he spoke passionately about how in his school every student is on and Individualised Learning Plan, because every student is different.

Schoolbox Take Aways.

  • There was a high level of satisfaction amongst SchoolBox users.
  • IT Managers were well represented, but school Leaders and E-Learning specialists were bountiful and comprised the majority, indicating that it takes the whole School to manage and use SchoolBox.
  • SchoolBox will not work “out of the box“, and requires a significant investment in time and forethought to fully customise the product.

I have hopes of bringing about 10 stakeholder  to the next SchoolBox meetup in 2020,  I learned this from observing the CitiPointe team who had at least 10 of their staff represented.

Engage Inspire Schoolbox Meetup 2019




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