DONE – Habit Tracking App

Habit Tracking with DONE for iPhone. I have been working at developing and reinforcing my daily habits and was perfectly satisfied with habit tracker table printed on a simple sheet of paper which worked sufficiently well to be effective, after the month is complete I glue the sheet into my journal. My only concern was that I might misplace the piece of paper.

I noticed that the paper method worked efficiently while the habit tracker was clearly visible to me, and if I left it laying on my desk ore carried or around as a visual prompter, as soon as I stuck the current habit tracker sheet into my journal, I lost my motivation to keep checking the boxes, because it was not readily available.

As a solution, I reluctantly began using an app called DONE, which is working well enough although it does, unfortunately, increase my dependence on my phone, which will be challenging for my screen free days.

Done Features:

• Allows you to set and track goals on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
• Let’s you set a goal for MULTIPLE times a day, not just once like most habit apps
• Totally customizable habit display (the colour bar) – you choose what will motivate you
• Enables tracking for both building habits AND quitting habits
• Fun colour options let you customize your list
• The daily journal lets you keep notes about your habit
• Easy to edit activities in the past
• Group habits into custom categories for easy organization
• Multiple reminders for each habit (Premium Version Only)
• Exportable CSV data (Premium Version Only)
• Passcode protection (Premium Version Only)
• iCloud and Dropbox data backup (Premium Version Only)

I’m reasonably impressed with the DONE App and think there is plenty of value doing it this way, however, I am still very fond of paper journals because I scan through my journals after they are filled.

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