Installing two Lenovo ThinkSystem Servers (SR630)

It’s a rainy Saturday, 24 February 2018 and Scott and I are installing two Lenovo ThinkSystem Servers (SR630).  My other 2 Lenovo Servers gave me 5 years of Service and are still in excellent working order.

Scott is an absolute expert and once these ThinkSystem Servers are installed I will most likely never need to do a single thing to them for another next 5 years.

Note:  I always purchase onsite warranty and as much server memory as I can afford at the time,  these servers will be connect to about 40TB of EMC Storage.

Lenovo ThinkSystem SR630 Xeon Silver.png

My old Lenovo (IBM) Servers were spend the last 5 years running VMWare vSphere with over 30 instances between them, and seldom went over 9% System (CPU) Usage.

I investigated a number of other solutions including Hewlett Packard Servers and I considered a Hyperconverged  solution on either Simplivity and Nutanix  running on Dell, Lenovo or HP Gear, but I have chosen to keep things as simple as possible.

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