TP-LINK PowerLine Network Wi-Fi Range Extender Review

TP-LINK home products both inexpensive and easy to use. They offer a rich set of technical features making them good value when you consider all their features versus cost ratio. Generally speaking there are plenty of regular firmware updates as well as community support and help available when you need it. (I’m a fan of TP-Link for home use, but not for commercial use).

Currently I’m use two TP-LINK AV200’s with two TP-LINK AV500’s and yes they work well together. In fact you can even mix different speeds with different vendors, so for example you can mix a TP-LINK AV500 with an EDIMAX AV200 (of course it’s never a problem till it’s a problem, my view is that technology should just work, and I have no hesitation or regrets about mixing them).  

Another great feature of the TP-Link gear is that the AV200, AV500 and AV1000 offer  Energy Savings of up to 85%.

  • TP-Link TL-WPA4220 KIT (AV500)
  • TL-PA211KIT  (AV200)


I’m more than happy with TP-link, easy to set up, easy to find support, easy to locate products, easy to upgrade or dispose of if they do not quite work as expected.

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