Jamf Roadshow – Sydney 2017

We enjoyed an informative event in Sydney today, Friday, 17 November 2017, with a very early 5:15 am start and due to traffic we boarded the 7am Qantas flight to Sydney with a narrow margin.

Why go to Jamf Roadshows? 

Jamf Software is pivotal to our school environment and we use it to manage 1500+ Apple Devices.  Without jamf software we would be very hard pressed to achieve some of the results we currently archive.

We are the kind of school which installs new software upgrades as soon as they are released, so while my team have normally already experienced all the new feature being discussed it give us an opportunity to network with other schools and organisations and see if we have over looked or left anything out.

Visiting the jamf roadshows is our way of remaining up to date on all things jamf and catchup on any news and gossip, and to ensure that we have all Zero Days updates applied to our infrastructure and services.

What did we learn?

Dean Hager always presents well, so for me the biggest take away was the first session by Dean Hager and the last session by a jamf user / it manager / mac administrator who also presented earlier this year at JNUC – the  Jamf Nation User Conference. 

  • empower people with technology which puts people first
  • create a product which people love and buy repeatedly
  • BYOD is not an it invention it was brought about by users who demand there favourite tools products.


If you ever want to visit a school which uses products simply and effectively without creating an overburdening dependence on any single product, skill or staff member please feel free to come and visit our school on the Sunshine Coast.

Jamf 2017 Roadshow Sydney.png


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