Apple Music or Spotify?

I’ve noticed that Spotify is very popular with students and subscribers and who prefer a free service and/or are unwilling or unable to pay for a Spotify or Apple Music subscription.  I’ve personally enjoyed many good times listening to music on Spotify.

I started off with their free account and then quickly moved over to a $9.99 monthly subscription, which was shared with, and enjoy by my family and which resulted in my Spotify account being snatched from me when one of my kids begin to use Spotify on their own devices while I’m using Spotify.

Spotify are willing to let you to enjoy their music streaming services for as long and you are willing and happy to put up with the adverts, which for most students and young users doesn’t appear to be a problem.  Apple on the other had is at the other end of the spectrum and is very much a “Pay to Play” service.

I choose Apple Music over Spotify because my entire eco system is Apple and it made perfect sense to have my whole family using Apple Music which works natively on all our Apple devices.

Another reason I  chose Apple Music over Spotify was because Spotify, as at October 2017 had no way of removing explicit tracks.

Thinking back,  I should probably have upgrade to the family version of Spotify and  I suspect that had I upgraded to their Family Version I might not have switched over to Apple Music,

Perhaps if Spotify were more competitive on price I may have considered and subscribe to their family version, however as it turned out I went toward Apple Music.


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