Budget Planning for 2018

This is the time of year IT Managers in Australia do their Budget Planning, broadly speaking my main projects for 2018 are as follows.

  • Extend 1:1 into year 1 (Currently we are 1:1 from grade 2 – 12)
  • Encourage a few teacher to become Google Credited Teachers.
  • Encourage teachers to become Apple Credited Teachers.

Other points of significance, (which were approved). 

  • Upgrade existing HP Wireless to Extreme Wireless
  • Upgrade existing HP Core to Extreme Core (in three locations)
  • Upgrade existing EMC Storage (SAN) to new EMC Storage 40 TB (SAN)

Equipment Refresh

  • 60 x  iPad Pro’s  13″ retina displays – (3 Trolleys with 20 iPads in each)
  • 320 x Macbook Airs for Students and Teachers
  • 25 x New iMacs

Consulting and Training 

  • Training and Consultancy about (cheaper than employing a specialist)
  • Sophos Health check
  • Security Audit

Software Purchases and Renewal

  • Amazon Webs Services – Offsite Storage and Solutions
  • Microsoft Renewals
  • JAMF Pro

Notes:  I run a small team of three staff under the age of 30, we manage about 2000 Devices with JAMF Pro. I like to think we are one of the most advanced schools on the Sunshine Coast and I run it all on budget of a little over 1 million dollars.



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