Apple Distinguished School Summit 2017 (Gold Coast)

The Apple Distinguished School Summit was a significant milestone in our “Apple Journey” and was of particularly enjoyable for the following of reasons.

  • As a ‘Mac Evangelist‘ I feel that the effort invested in moving our College over to Mac has has been rewarded, not only in academic achievement but also in recognition.
  • It served as clear and distinctive progress indicator in our journey which began in 2009/2010, when we first introduced Macs to our College.
  • It brought the team together for few days to reflect on where we have been and to look further ahead to where we are going.
  • It was an opportunity to share and network with other ADS schools.


  • Lengthy discussions about Artificial Intelligence in the car.
  • A chance to catch up with Geoff Powell who advised me at the start of our journey (circa 2010/2011) .

Date:  Thursday 13 July – Friday 14 July 2017
Location: St Hilda’s School


My Sessions

Day One:
Workshop 1: King’s College – iTunes U in the Classroom
Workshop 2: Corpus Christi College – Creating Teaching Resources

Day Two:
Workshop 1: Technical Update
Workshop 1: Anyone Can Code

Thursday 13 July

8:30am  Registration, Morning Refreshments, and Networking
9:30am Welcome and Introductions
10:15am Keynote: Mark McCrindle
11:15am Morning Tea
11:35am Leadership workshop
12:40pm Lunch
1:30pm School-led workshops
3:45pm Queensland Showcase
5:00pm Day one close
Networking Drinks and Canapés

Friday 14 July 2017

7:45am Coaches depart hotels
8:30am Day two welcome
8:35am Keynote speakers
10:30am Morning Tea
10:50am Apple-led workshops
12:50am Lunch
1:30am Regional Meetings
2:15pm Keynote speaker
3:00pm Day two close

My personal doodles of the Apple Distinguished School Summit 2017 PDF for what they’re worth or you can just look at the pretty pictures below, which I use to jog my memory.

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