Thoughts about Document Management

As a college we have been considering document management for a number of years and we have been very careful to brush off numerous attempts by venders enticing us into a dark netherworld of document management.

In my opinion there are only two occasions when it’s right to venture into document management.

  1. When your business absolutely demands it,  (i.e massive volume of paper or to produce a body of evidence, or significant cost saving.)
  2. When it can easily be down without entrapment or risk, and there is sufficient information to show that it will improve the business process.


Cost Saving: Significant cost savings are suggested by most vendors.

Speed and Efficiency: I understand how and why technology offers significant improvement, however if not done well it easily introduces unnecessary problems and frustration.


Continued archival requirement:  You will always need to keep backups and archives, this comes at a cost. Once you venture into document management, you will need to manage and keep managing a number of additional systems and software.

Staffing: Every new system brings with it a dependancy on staff and skills, I like to cross train my staff, this is not always possible.

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