Thank you Julian at St Teresa, Noosaville

I’ve known Julian the IT Manager at St Teresa’s to be kind and generous with his knowledge and information and I’ve have long admired his positive attitude and approach to overcoming hurdles and providing efficient services to the staff and students at St Teresa’s.

Julian he was instrumental in providing me with quality information about starting and managing a 1 to 1 program when I first rolled our our 1:1 program in 2010.

We met again this week to discuss technologies and compare notes and we touched on some of the following subjects.

  • NAPLAN and the future of using iPads and Macbooks for assessment.
  • Risks of using email as a communication tool for students, a preferred option would be to use a blogging program of some sort where all student are able to see a teacher response to an academic question.
  • The MAC SHACK and using students to assist with technology.
  • Deep Freeze and how it can help avoid re-imaging ¬†student loan computers.
  • The possibility of meeting us with Redlands College to examine how they use iPads in Education and for accessment i.e NAPLAN.

I had a productive couple of hours and hope to do this again in the future.


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