DAYTiME: A Day of Technology in Music Education (2017)

I had a wonderful time at the “A Day of Technology in Music Education”, – Friday, June 2, 2017. – I particularly enjoyed the Key Note by Andrew Brown, “Amplifying Musicality” as well as Keith Huxtable’s talk about “Preparing for the future“.

DAYTiME has become the No. 1 conference in the region focusing on music technology in music education with the 2016 series attracting over 500 attendees.

What did I attend?

  • Andrew Brown – Amplifiying Musicality.
  • Keith Huxtable – Preparing for the future.
  • Katie Wardrobe – Remixing NASA samples and found sounds.
  • Kye Thomas – Technology in Music Making.
  • Darrin Wood – Using Technology as a Teaching Tool.
  • Keith Huxtable – Closing Presentation and prizes.

What did I learn?

  • The Challenge Music Directors and teachers face is space and resourcing.
  • Music is arguably the most important of the Arts – (evidence provided).
  • Garageband is still the ‘boss’, and can be used to demonstrate most things.


  • There was a very high percentage of State schools represented,
  • Music Teachers appear not to be as chatty as Technology people,
  • State Schools are disadvantaged because of bureaucracy,

The limitations placed up the sensible use of technology in the state system is crippling the Arts & I could not possibly imagine being productive working under those sorts of restrictions.  – (someone has to say it).

Is it worth going to?

  • Yes – presentations are recorded and shared after the event.
  • Food was excellent.


DAYTiME A Day of Technology in Music Education 2017.jpg

What I took away?  – Who Sampled who, – Discover Music through Samples, Cover Songs and Remixes

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