Glasshouse Technology Showcase 2016

I’ve often wanted to share some of the things we do with Technology and Apple at Glasshouse and on Friday 19th of May 2017 I  had an opportunity to present some of what we’ve done with Apple at our College.

This is the second event we have done like this and I hope to do more in the future.

Speakers Include:

  • Roland, Josh and Rob from Glasshouse,
  • Vasco from Jamf,
  • Harold from CompNow
  • Dave Wells from Apple

Glasshouse IT Managers Event

Most of the Managers present were from the Sunshine Coast.

Glasshouse Tecnology Showcase 2017

CompNow have been our provider for many years and we have been more than happy with the service they give us.

Glasshouse Technology Showcase 2017.png

Our Invitation

Glasshouse Showcase May 2017.png

About Roland

Family, God, People, Architecture, Pursuer of Truth, Wisdom, Education, Community, Truth, Patience and Prosperity.
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