ClearPass vs CloudPath (2017)

I spend a significant amount of time evaluating and comparing ClearPass and CloudPath as long solutions to College Networking and after serious consideration and head scratching I chose Extreme Hardware and Software as our network partner.

You can find out more about our Extreme Journey else where in this blog, this particular article serves to remind me what the alternatives were available to me at the time and why I choose neither ClearPass or CloudPath for our College

  • HPE own ClearPass
  • Rukus own CloudPath

HPE – Now let’s be clear Hewlett Packard has a fine historic record, and Iv’e used HP gear successufly at various stages of my life, to study CAD, Computer Aided Design and architecture in late 80’s early 1990’s and I’ve experienced them in recent history when I moved my entire network over to HP about 5 or 6 years ago, however after experiencing their customer support post installation I’m quite certain and feel very comfortable saying they’ve lost their way over the the last 10 years or so, certainly for the entire time that I have used HP I found their support to be unacceptably low.

Rukus – I often heard great things about Ruckus, however I’m unconvinced that they are in this game for the long haul.


  • Do CloudPath or ClearPass offer a comprehensive security solution?
  • Do CloudPath or ClearPass offer true SDN – Software Defined Networking?
  • What other Schools or Organisations are using Sofware Defined Networking across their entire campus?


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