ALL Staff Password change

Yesterday cyclon Debbie arrived in Queensland which coincided with our all staff password change.

No one likes being forced to change their passwords so I notified staff at devotions on Wednesday morning that their passwords would change before the holidays began and then on the same evening I sent out an all staff email letting them know that they would receive a SMS TXT in the morning with their new password and that after logging in they should change their password to one of their own choosing.

At about 6am we changed all the passwords and sent out a SMS message which included their new password, overall the password change process went smoothly, although there were some issues recognising all  0oOiIL characters.

Coincidentally school was cancelled for the day because of the rain and transport issues resulting from Cyclone Debbie and the message was relayed by both SMS Text and email which I suppose worked with us since we had sent out our TXT a few minutes bofono one who received and read the school cancellation message could suggest they had not received their password a few minutes earlier. (or if they claimed not to have received an SMS then the evidence of not reading the SMS Password and message would be arriving at the college before 8pm).

I feel a little better that passwords are more secure than they once were.

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