Why Apple Macbooks are cheaper than Windows Laptops.

Alternate Title:  “Who says Macbooks are expensive?”

In 2009 I had a very hard time explaining why I wanted to replace our Dell computers with Apple  Macbooks.  I would have given any number of reasons but for the most part, although the Macbooks are slightly more expensive (nearly double the cost), they last longer, are easier to maintain, and they can run Apple OSX and / or Microsoft Operating System.

We used these devices for five full academic years, and then sold them for $150 at the end of 5 years.

During the time we had them they were used as 1:1 devices in Grades 10, 11 and 12, some of them  were used as lab computers for a number of years, and later they were used in a 1:1  “Stay at School Macbooks’ in  Grades 4, 5 and 6 – Primary School.

I purchased 220 White Mabooks for $999 dollars each.  I think toward the end of the White plastic models we were purchasing them for about $1100 Australian and nearly 5 years after we decided to with Apple I sold off these computers for $150 each.

Yep that right, I simply put an advert on Sunshine Coast Community Facebook group and sold them off for $150, we had queues each day,  phoning the college and asking if we had any more for sale.

It’s a tricky thing selling to your own community and I chose instead to sell to the greater Sunshine Coast local community and because of that I did not want them coming back, they were sold as is, and each purchaser had to sign a document to say that they understood that the device was sold as is.

Was it a lot of work? Yes, it was a fair amount of work to image them, and I had to allocate a member of staff to run the EFTPOS machine for a couple of days.

Was it worth it? Yes, the money went back into my budget, so that I can buy the bits and pieces I need for the college without question, without them being required to be included in the current budget.

Are Macs really cheaper? Yes, I believe they are.

The advert on Gumtree 6th December 2016 read as follows. 

White Macbook with charger – works fine, great for email and facebook, newest operating system

$150 Beerwah, Queensland

These are ‘ex student’ devices (2011) which have been cleaned up and have Apple’s Newest Operating system installed on them. (Sierra OS).

These Macbooks are OK for Surfing the Internet and Facebook and perhaps a few other things like looking up recipes and YouTube but by todays standards they are slow.

A new Apple Charger from the Mac Store costs $129 so you are getting a Macbook and a Charger for $150

I’m an unashamed ‘Apple fanboy’ who believes the world would be a better place if everyone used Apple products, I could flog these off to a reseller but would prefer them to find homes in local the community.

Buyer Beware: These Devices are a 2011 vintage and come ‘as is’ without warranty or support of any kind, please check up on the internet and make sure you want one before buying. These particular Macbooks have 13 Inch Screens, 2 Gig Memory and 250GB Hard Drives,

When you switch them on for the first time you get an “Out of the Box” experience, i.e it’s as if you had just purchased a new Mac from the Mac Store, but of course they’re still 5 years old used computers.

If you are still interested please collect from Glasshouse Christian College, 58 Roberts Road, Beerwah, 4519 anytime between 9am – 4pm Tuesday to Friday this week only (Dec 5th 6th 7th 8th – 2016).

I have 70 devices in this batch for sale, so there are enough for everyone.

kind regards



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