EdAlive – circa 2007

Today I took a trip down memory lane, to my Ed-Alive experiences of about 2006 – 2010, as I re-discovered our educational licenses, in my ‘license bible’,  which I’ve maintained from about 2005. I  keep a display folder filled with license certificates and license numbers, which I would refer to when installing school software.  (That yellow folder has gone missing countless times and thankfully has always turned up again).

Ed-Alive were the creators of affordable school education software, and they made a name for themselves by allowing their software to be used for at home or personal use as well as at school. Their marketing campaign hinged around the idea that each school, if they sold enough copies of the personal version through the P&C would receive a free or discounted school licence. Which is how I believe we became the owner of a number of different titles.

The big thing back then: was to have Educational Software which ran on individual networked computers and keep the score on a central server to have software. In earlier instances the central location was simply a network share.

The challenge back then: was to get your teachers and staff to use the software. (or in some cases even to know that the software was available to them.  (Enter the GCCC Menu which I will write about separately).

Numbers Up,  Bagging the Dragon, Maths Invaders, Volcanic Panic V1 and V2 ( I will write further about these, however suffice to say they are still around and also appear to have a web based version of some of these titles).

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