Deep Freeze on Macs in Education

Deep Freeze offers instant restore on Mac’s, Server’s and PC’s.  The first time I saw it in action was at Share IT: An ICT conference at Ferny Grove High School , I was in awe of the product because it seemed like the elixir to the many of the  windows problems I was experiencing at the time.

Fast forward a few years and I’ve been using Deep Freeze on Apple Macs and Windows computers in the college for a number of years and I highly recommend Deep Freeze in certain educational circumstance.

How we use Deep Freeze on Macs

Library Loans: We have a group of about 15 Macbooks Airs which we loan to students and teachers when their devices are sent in for repair. Installing Deep Freeze on these devices ensures that immediately after a reboot the Macbook is restored to it’s original  pristine condition.

Students and Teachers are advised to save their work to a USB drive or to Google Drive.

In the CAD Lab: I have a set of about 30 iMacs, which I have set up as Dual Boot computers, having Deep Freeze installed on the Windows Partition ensures that after a reboot the device is perfectly restored.


<Inset Photo>

I’m not entirely sure how Deep Freeze works however if this sort of thing interests you have a look at Thoughts about SVS (Software Virtualization Solution) which is a product I used successfully for a number of years.

I highly recommend using Deep Freeze to secure your Mac and Windows computers, especially if you want to empower students to be productive but still want to retain control over the integrity of your software.

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