For many years I have been frustrated by the quality of Sound and Visuals at our events and functions, it always seemed to me that the whole ‘sound desk process’ was over complicated and difficult and never quite worked as expected. Irrespective of either the amount or quality of our preparations things always seemed to go wrong.

I imagined a Music Trolley could be rolled out to location, power is plugged in, the speakers are winched up and microphones and headsets are handed out, guests and artists could begin speaking, and the audio comes out of the speakers without feedback.

I arranged for Mel Sturdy and Dale who are both music consultants from Music @ Noosa  to come in and visit me to discuss my idea of a music trolley, and we settled on some options which I ordered.

Key Objectives:  The main idea was that the Music Trolley could be designed so that it could be wheeled to a location, plugged into the nearest power source after which each of the four radio microphones could begin being used immediately and everything which was needed for sound production would be housed either on the trolley or in the drawers.

Equipment: Mixing desk, Powerful Speakers, Wireless Handheld Microphones, Wireless headworn Microphones, Wireless Lapel Microphones,Standard XLR wired Microphones cables, extension leads, power boards.

Key Features: 

  • We purposely over specified the speakers so that we could crank it up without any distortion.
  • We included wireless receiver arial’s to ensure that we had an adequate range for the wireless microphones,  (nothing worse than sound which breaks up or fades in and out).
  • A robust solid trolley on which all the equipment could be fitted so that it could not easily be tampered with and which could be rolled into a venue, powered on and used and then rolled away after the event.

The Music TRA-LOLLY worked as expected:  Dale Turned up one day with the TRA-LOLLY and it was wheeled into the outdoor undercover area, where many of our events are held and the trolley worked as advertised.

Mel Sturdee and Dale from Music @ Noosa


Technical Information

We started designing the TRA-Lolly in September and completed it in November.

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