PCSchool Administration Software (2001 – 2015)

We used PCSchool as our School Admin & Student Management Software from 2001 to 2015 and it served us well enough, in fact I would go as far as saying that it served us very well during this time.

Saying that it worked well is different from saying that I liked the product, in fact I can trace my distaste and distrust of the product to a certain day circa 2010 /11 when I arrived at school to discover that the product had entirely ceased working.

Our PCSchool software refused to start or function. Further enquiry and a few phone calls revealed that it had been written into the code to stop working on that day and I needed to do the download, apply and update various patches to continue using the product.

Hardware and Software should always be designed or written to fail to a safe position to the advantage of the customer.


Most of my concerns at the time revolved around the fact that PCSchool product needed a lot of coaxing and encouragement to work well and I was both short staffed and impatient.

We had concerns around support, it was seldom clear what was required, and one was never quite sure if your updates and patches were up to date.

Spider is web enquiry and roll marking interface which we began using as soon as it was released, (we are an Apple Mac school and needed a solution which would work from anywhere in the college).  Spider, unfortunately was not a product which could be relied on and it caused untold frustration amongst our staff.  Spider has since improved and competes admirably against other similar products.

Many of my colleagues from other schools in Queensland continue to use PCSchool and I quite enjoy reminiscing with them and looking over the product lifecycle.

We moved to Synergetic late 2015

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