Presenting at ACS School Leaders Retreat 2012

I had a very pleasant morning presenting at the ACC School Leaders retreat The ACS School Leaders Conference is on Thursday 25th to Friday 27th July. It all started when Adam King contacted me and asked if I’d be interesting in co-presenting at a Australian Christian Schools Leaders Retreat in Coolum.

I was thinking that we could identify what ‘Technology in Education’ looks like at each of our colleges or we could do a ‘Looks Like, Feels Like, Sounds Like’ (Y Chart). One could do the ‘Looks Like’, another ‘Sounds Like’ and the final presentation could be ‘Sounds Like’. 

Are you able to be part of this presentation?  Each of our presentations would go for 20min on ‘Technology in Education’.

“Turning the Ordinary into Excellent”
ACS School Leaders Retreat 2012
Palmer Coolum Resort
Warran Road, Coolum

Friday 27th 8:30am-9:30am.

  • I propose that you (Roland Munyard) address Technology in Education and “What it Looks Like”.
  • I propose that Brett Costin address Technology in Education and “What it Feels Like” with direct reference to some of the learning paradigms in Qatar.
  • I propose that I address Technology in Education and “What it Sounds Like”.

Change of plan. The secretary for the conference has alerted me to the fact that it may be best if simply you and I present. Having three may be overkill.

You could discuss what Technology in Education Looks Like and take 20 minutes and I’m happy to do the others… Feels Like and Sounds Like.

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