D-Link Wireless

D-Link were present at most conferences I attended in Queensland from between 2007 to 2014 and they cleverly offered free or very affordable wireless surveys to any schools interested in investigating a wireless solution, we were one of the many schools who took up this seemingly generous offer.

To cut a long story short D-Link was our default wireless network from about 2009 until about 2013 and that is a very long time to have regrets.

What D-Link did well

  • Pre Sales
  • Wireless Survey

What D-Link did badly

  • Support
  • Firmware Updates

Switched off our 2.4 Ghz Network

As early as 2012 we switched off the 2.4 Ghz, wireless in favour of 5.0 Ghz Wireless, this was a pretty bold step for 2012/2013. It was necessary to turn off 2.4Ghz because of ongoing complications and channel crossover. All our devices at the time could use the 5.0 Ghz wireless. This was a wise decision and apart from few grumpy Windows users and Android users we received significant performance gains.


In the end I gave all my D-Links away and moved over to HP-Wireless.

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