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I have long ago given up any desire to index the web, but being able to find website’s and articles which I have previously read is essential. Bookmarks are a little like personal book collections, it is so nice to browse through someone else’s bookshelf, especially if they share a similar interest to yourself. My book mark requirements are as follows

    * Update from anywhere.
    * Easily maintained
    * Easily Shared and Published – a free bookmark manager / publisher which allows you to easily add and maintain links online. These links are then tagged, by yourself, using keywords, which can be easily modified and updated. provides a number of ways to collect and search through your link collection using html , javascript or RSS feeds. This makes it especially easy for yourself and others to find, access and publish links on your website or blog, or simply from your web browser.

More info available at My link collection is available at

Lists of plug ins and add-ons are available at


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