Good Decisions only get Better.

Good Decisions only get better.

Decisions sometimes have a life-cycle, for instance you might say after a year or two that a decision you made was the best choice available with the information or options available at that time, or you might argue that you ought really to have made another choice in view of such and such.

Humans are great at justifying or rationalising their choices and situations, I know since I do so all too often excuse my behaviour or justify a situation as I’m sure you do too.

Below are a few points rationalising a “good decision” I made a few years ago which with each passing year proves itself better than the previous year, namely:

To move all of Secondary School and all of the shared Secondary and Primary Library over to Apple.

Justification or if you prefer Rationalisation.

Simplicity: Apple supports a 1:1 situation, which works well because students are unencumbered by the need to login to the school network.

Apple, as far as I can tell, do not get virus’s of any sort: I know this, because I do not have virus protection of any sort on any of the Apple Computers nor have I had any protection for the past two years.

No Viruses in itself is slim justification to use Apple, however if you expand the longer-term results into “Time and Money”, you get:  constant system performance, reduced system re-imaging, reduced work load, less user suspicion and increased trust.

Apple’s OSX (macOS) environment becomes familiar after only a year of using the MacBooks in a 1:1 situation. Last week I rolled out Lion to all the Teachers and yesterday I rolled out OSX Lion on MacBook Pro’s to all year 12’s.

Result?  No Questions, No complaints, and guess what?  No Training either!  I am not suggesting that not training staff and students is anything to be proud of, rather I am hoping it will be directed into something more useful than operating system usability.

Apples imaging is easy:  Believe me, it’s a lot easier and more consistent that imaging Windows.  Sure you can make Windows deployment easier by throwing money and constancy at it, using imaging software, management software, standards and by creating rules and edicts but it is like putting out a fire with gasoline, you end up making yourself indispensable to the organisation. Is this your goal? No rather, it is better to make things simpler.

Apples are easy to self manage: Pupil Free week started a week ago, Secondary Staff returned with their 1-year-old MacBook’s and we had exactly Zero Questions, Zero problems or issues to resolve. How so?

I think a 1:1 Teacher and Student MacBook program, if it is done simply and fairly boils down to the following equation.  Who’s MacBook is it? Yours, therefore who’s problem is it? Yours.  We  (IT Support) however, will gladly guide you to the solution to your problem.

Our challenge now is Asset Management, something I will discuss in a separate post, but even this is easier now.  I know with fair accuracy where every device is and/or who is responsible for the devices.

All this is achieved with a team of two and a half IT staff and some consultancy.

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