Google Apps in the Classroom by Brad Evans

Google Apps: is in widespread use by a number of School and Colleges partly because it’s FREE, but mostly I feel because it’s an excellent suite of products which are easy to use and provides portability between closed systems like Apple and Windows.

This is how Brad Evans our IT / FILM and MEDIA Teacher uses it in his classroom.

Hi Roly,

Just thought I would update you on what I am doing in computing at the moment. I have just finished a unit on Gaming and I now have a couple of weeks of lessons spare so I am encouraging some creative and entrepreneurial thinking using Google Docs.

We are working our way through the four quadrants of Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Quadrant –

We did some research on the E quadrant – Employee, the other day researching about 3 professions they individually want to do.

Today we are on the S quadrant. They are working in pairs – using google docs to brainstorm on a single document. They are looking for PROBLEMS that exist. They range from world hunger, to finding the cure to boredom. They are then creatively thinking about solutions (Products) to the problems.

They will use Google docs to work together on a single document. They will use a google “drawing” to design their product – or a logo for their “service” solution.

I haven’t figured out how we will do the B (Big Business quadrant) but we will be using Google docs (spreadsheet) to look collaboratively at investing and how cool it can be!

Brad Evans

Using Google Apps, students are able to collaborate by simultaneous editing a single Document or Spreadsheet. All changes are immediately visible so everyone editing is to see the document expand and take shape.

Google have always been swift when it comes to sharing and innovation and in so doing they captured a large segment of the Collaboration and Education Market although  Microsoft is working hard to compete by offering Microsoft Office 365 Live@EDU.

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