Wiki Wahoo!

Hi Roly,

I just wanted to let you know that Rob Maguire showed me how to make up a class Wiki page and set it to private so that the students of that class can access it only and upload their current work to their own page.

I also have Title pages on these Wiki’s where I have placed all the work that I do in class so if the students lose or misplace their worksheets then they can download and print. It also means that the students can communicate with myself and each other and I can monitor their progress.

I have shown this to all 6 classes and I wanted you to know that the students are very excited and rapped that they have access to their work, worksheets and can even contact me if need be.

I had one student last night who wanted to finish her work, could not access the Wiki, emailed me and in 3 minutes, I had her work to her and she emailed me this morning thanking me that she had finished her work. I was very surprised by the way the students received the Wikis, they were all very excited.

This process is brilliant and is working like a charm, I just wanted you to know.

Rei Joseph.

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2 Responses to Wiki Wahoo!

  1. Cheryl says:

    If you are after a working experience with this Brett has been using Teacher and Student Wiki’s in Qatar for the last couple of years. I am sure he would love to come and talk with you or the teachers about it but will be away from tomorrow until next Monday.

    At Qatar academy every Teacher, HOD’s, Principal and students all have their own wiki. It is one of the main forms of communication.

  2. Brett says:

    Dear Roland,

    Cheryl also mentioned wikis, we use them at QA-

    Last year we changed to use Moodle, which is the next step up from the wiki,

    I made a Youtube of getting started videos for QA teachers- the first one: there are a number of others you should see on the right. The reason QA went with it is that it is cost affective compared to blackboard.

    Actual moodle address-


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