Every classroom needs an Apple TV

Every classroom needs an Apple TV

Apple TV in ClassroomsI have owned an Apple TV for the past 6 months and have not used it for much more than streaming a few Movies and as a YouTube player and for viewing Photos. Enter Apple’s AirPlay and I become acutely interested in ways to use Apple TV at school for education and at home for fun and entertainment.

What is Apple TV?

Apple TV is a tiny Black Box which has built Wireless and, enough storage for about 8 Movies, an HDMI connector to attach to a Flat Screen Television or a Data Projector with an HDMI input. It comes with an Apple Remote and costs $129 in Australia.

 Apple TV uses AirPlay

Using AirPlay you can wirelessly transmit Movies, Video, Photos, Radio and Presentations to your TV or Data Projector from an iPad, iPod, iTunes or any Apple Computer.

How can this Apple TV be used in the Classroom?

  • Teachers can easily transmit directly to the Apple TV from their iPods and iPads.
  • Students can wirelessly display presentations, directly to the Data Projector, Interactive Whiteboard or Classroom TV.

 Consider the following

  •  Show / Share Movies, Presentations and stream Music wirelessly
  •  A convenient way to broadcast Media from any AirPlay compatible Application.

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1 Response to Every classroom needs an Apple TV

  1. Simon says:

    I have started using the apple TV in the classroom, yet, as with a number of apple products, there are limitations. The big one being that apple TV will not function on enterprise wireless networks, only personal. Big draw back!

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