Macs are Back and Staying

Macs are Back and Staying Back

I found this delightful Infographic, Apple vs Microsoft. – The History of Computing at Manolution – A Blog for Men. Either of these links take you to the original authors website, or click on image to view the full infographic on this web site.

 I am not the creator or author of this infographic, however the above links no longer work so I have added the infographic to this page.

My interest in this article is twofold.  Firstly:  It’s a fine example of an InfoGraphic, a medium which is growing in popularity and with which I have a growing interest.  Secondly: It portrays a brief history of Apple and Microsoft which have been around for as long as I have been interested in technology.

IMHO: Apple have clear and determined interest in the experience of the end user and view the world largely through the eye of the individual, though, quite rightly, they demand that the individual pay for the “Apple Experience”.

Microsoft, at first glance appear more affordable with their attention keenly focused on the Enterprise and less so on the individual. Windows Millennium and Windows Vista are good examples of Microsoft’s willingness to release some of their product launches on the poor and unsuspecting home user.


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