Ten School Computers – A Poem.

Hey Rols
I read this poem today and thought you might like it:
Ten School Computers
By Charles Thomson
Ten school computers all on line:
one went down, and then there were nine.
Nine school computers, until my mate
blew one up, and then there were eight.
Eight school computers, but one was loaned from Devon
and had to be returned, and then there were seven.
Seven school computers, but one always sticks,
so that was no good, and then there were six.
Six school computers, but one belonged to Clive
and he took it home, and then there were five.
Five school computers, but one fell on the floor
and then it wouldn’t work, and then there were four.
Four school computers, but one’s for class B,
so we couldn’t use that one, and then there were three.
Three school computers, til someone spilt some glue
which gummed one up, and then there were two.
Two school computers, one was left in the sun
and it burst into flames, and then there was one.
One school computer. “Children, DON’T RUN!”
Bang, crash, tinkle .. and then were were none!
Ha ha!
Glad you and the team work hard so that we can’t say this poem about GCCC 🙂
Have a great day.

Mrs Lauren Loft

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