The Unofficial Start of an iPad Programme (for Primary Teachers)

The birth of an iPad Programme

Today could be described as the start of the iPad Programme for Primary Teachers which is clearly very exciting (at least for me). This is the “first fruits” of my long running Apple campaign at our College, where I have been promoting Apple products as the preferred platform for digital education at school.

During my scheduled weekly meeting with my principal, he gave me the go ahead to purchase 5 iPads for Primary School. We plan to distribute the 5 iPads to teachers who can present a reasonable justification of how they would use these devices in education in their classroom.

Like any significant event there are a series of precursory events, which lead up to a final event, which I will describe further to demonstrate how events come together.

Leading Events: (in no particular order)

Smooth Running Technology: I have little to report at my weekly IT Meeting with our Principal because technology has been running very smoothly within the College. (There is clear evidence that my workload has decreased, since the introduction of Apple to our college) so to pass the time I present three items of interest to our Principal,   Steve Jobs’ 229 words about the DNA of Apple, a note from Mark Bowman and an email I received earlier today (there is no harm in placing a positive spin on everyday ordinary events).

A Board Meeting: Last night the school accountant came in to present to the board.  I get called in (as usual at the last minute), to connect the ipad to an  interactive white board, it’s surprisingly easy and presentation continues to go smoothly, ( I smile to myself as I leave the room)  knowing that not everyone in the room loves Mac, but as usual the Apple iPad performs faultlessly.

A Successful 1:1 Student Laptop Programme: Readers will know that our 1:1 Laptop programme has been a success. Apple makes an entrance to Glasshouse Country Christian College late 2010. We have a cohort of Years 10, 11 and 12 all successfully using Apple Macbooks with very little training or preparation. Sure there are better ways of emarking doing a Laptop Programme but it’s working nicely. Thank you.  In case you are interested there are details about this programme scattered about this blog.

A successful Teacher Macbook Programme: We rolled out 22 Macbooks to our Senior Teachers: I made it very clear that a successful 1:1 programme depends on all  teachers having the same Macbook / Laptop as the Students.  It is also important that Teachers receive their Macbooks before the students receive theirs.

Transparency: I have kept Mike our principal abreast of conversations I have been having with, for example: the Head of Curriculum, other schools and Colleges, our Head of Primary.

An Unofficial Start

So there you have what I consider to be a significant  landmark:  The instruction to order and the purchase of 5 iPads, destined to fall into the hands of 5 lucky primary teachers.

Where to now?

  • I will continue supporting and encouraging teachers.
  • Further research into how best to use iPads in Education.
  • Let’s see how teachers use the new technology.

The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking. – Albert Einstein

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