AVIRA AntiVir – Six Years without a Virus Attack

I am delighted to say that we have enjoyed 6 full years without a single Virus Attack to the present date. (May 2011)

As a College comprising of 700 Students 100 Staff and Volunteers, 460 Dell and Apple Computers of which 300 are Apple iMacs / Macbooks (some dual boot Macbooks) as well as a “Bring Your Own” program which encourages Students and Teachers to bring in their own Laptops and Macbooks, surviving 6 years without a single Virus Attack is a significant achievement probably worth mentioning.

Avira Comes to Australia: When our AVIRA came up for renewal quite recently I was pleasantly surprised to find my inquiry responded to by someone in Australia, this means that AVIRA have come to Australia which hopefully means better support and service as well as, hopefully, better pricing.

Note: The fact that I have never needed nor paid for support in the past six years indicates that the product is robust and reliable and easy enough to use.

As part of my duty as a responsible IT Manager, I choose to exercise my right to look for a more competitive quote and so I have sourced quotations from other vendors:  No other competitor has come in close enough to be competitive.

Due Diligence (A Quote Comparison)

AVIRA came in at a significantly more attractive price,
compared to AVG, Sophos and Symantec.

A Customer Survey by AVIRA

When AVIRA / Australia discovered that I have not had a single virus attack for as long as we have been using AVIRA they asked me the following questions:

Question: Why have you decided to protect your network with Avira AntiVir security solutions?

  • I have used AntiVir continuously for 6 years, WITHOUT A SINGLE VIRUS ATTACK.
  • I have grown fond of its simple, functional layout and friendly user interface.
  • I like the fact that AntiVir supported the community by offering a totally free version of their product without any catches, “lock in” or trick updates and without constantly nagging you to upgrade. I would recommend AntiVir to friends and sometimes customers who could not afford more expensive products.

Question: Where do you see an Avira advantage to other AV solutions?

  • Easy to use interface, clear notifications and warning, good error reporting.
  • User can choose between Simple or Advanced Functions / Configuration.
  • Fair Pricing Structure + Free Version. (Which is really free).
  • Good recovery boot disk, (Linux Based) which is regularly updated.

Question: Are you satisfied with the support service in Australia?

  • The fact that I have not needed support for the past 6 years in a school with nearly 500 hundred computers and 700 students shows that AntiVir is a robust and quite friendly product.

Question: Any other comments from your side?

  • I feel they have more advanced detection than their competitors.
  • I feel that the Virus Definitions are regularly and quickly updated.
  • I was impressed with the cross platform support for UNIX and Linux.
  • I like the fact that Avira have a positive attitude toward the general community and have for a long time offered and supplied the Free Version which works as well as the paid version without nagging, prompting and constantly asking for upgrades like other competing products seem to do.


We have 460 Dell and Apple Computers capable of running Microsoft Windows:

I feel that AVIRA offer commendable protection and worthy of a small Accolade considering our 6 Years without a virus attack. http://www.antivir.com

So if this article is helpful to anyone, then it has been worth writing.

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