First impressions of the iPad 2

I was given the opportunity to begin using the new iPad recently. It is a very easy system to use yet powerful enough to perform many useful, albeit essential tasks. Currently I have been using it as a phone, e-reader and camera. It is also very good for browsing the Internet as there is no boot-up time as with other PC  devices. As soon as you roll back the cover the screen display is on and you can do any search immediately upon touching a single icon. Unlike the PC, you do not need to sit at a desk. The iPad is very portable and I find myself using it most when sitting down on a comfortable chair or sofa. The size and extended battery life makes the device even more portable than a notebook PC. I have been also thinking about how to use the device in the classroom. I do see a possible future role in which it would be especially useful in transferring books and other text types onto an Interactive whiteboard, as well as being a useful device for students to use as a personal computing device in the classroom.

Mark Bowman (Year 4 Teacher)
Glasshouse Country Christian College

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