AISQ – IT Managers Conference – 27 April 2011

ISQ – IT Managers Forum

AISQ Brisbane  27th April 2011


  • Are they really consumption devices?
  • How will they perform and evolve in the education market.


  • Started off by joking “No i and no g in our household”.
  • Consumer Market is most affected by innovation of Technology.
  • Take a holistic approach to technology – any browser, any tablet,  any phone, any computer.
  • Microsoft is clearly taking the cloud very seriously.

Data 3

  • Suggests that self insurance is a better option.
  • The Future of Laptop Programs – Is it BYO?

Tom McPhail from Apple

  • Apple don’t have a roadmap, but you can look at the history of previous upgrades and release and make a safe assumption from that.
  • Microsoft fully support Exchange active sync.
  • AES 256-bit encryption.
  • Remote and Local Wipe, if you use the wrong password a number of times.
  • Apps are restricted to their own sandbox with access to common data through API like iCal etc.
  • Google Mail uses Active Sync.
  • CalDAV, CardDAV
  • VPN on Demand
  • IOS devices are designed to be personal; Enterprise integration is a secondary consideration.
  • iPhone Configuration Utility, signs every configuration with a certificate and it uses a self signed certificate.
  • MDM allow you to publish an in house App Store.

Quest vWorkspace

  • The iPad is the most disruptive device invented.
  • Virtual Desktops are still viable.


  • Best of Breed, Fit for Purpose, Vendor Agnostic.
  • Technology is a small part of IT.
  • IT vs Cloud.


  • 08/09 Amounts
  • 10/11 Amounts
  • Verification Due on Friday.
  • 2011 February State Census will be used.
  • Maintenance of Effort.
  • What are we going to do with residual funding?
  • What is going to happen in sustainment?
  • Batteries are part of on going costs.
  • Try and avoid getting locked in Funding Condition Criteria.

Queensland Studies Authority

  • SDCS – Issues with Student Data Capture.
  • Heated discussion about PC-School, types of Student Management Software, photographs taken of Pie chart showing distribution of management software.


  • Gone are the days of Data Caps.
  • Can vouch for Microwave.
  • Works with Summerville, they broker all the fees.
  • Any one can provide the Tail,  10 Dollars per student will provide RNET Content.
  • 78% of UQ Schools content is free.
  • If you live near a railway track you can get straight on.

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