Boxee: Media on your TV or Linux, Apple, Windows PC

Boxee is a media / streaming player which focuses on playing content from the web. Boxee is for you if you are interested in open source and cross platform software which runs on Linux, Mac and Windows.

Boxee blends information and media from , Flickr, The Big Picture, Hulu, , Revision 3 , MTV Netflix,  Digg, MLB.TV, Current and Tumblr, YouTube, Apple, Twitter, Digg, Pandora, you can naturally also get the time and weather on demand. Boxee will also manage your local content, Videos, Photos, Songs and Recordings.

If you choose to connect with your friends then you can engage in social activities, share comments and reviews, watch shows together, browse photo albums and see what your friends are watching. Quote: “If you see that your friends are watching a show, you can click on it and watch it too.”

The interface presents elegantly on a TV or HDTV, its native home should be near the home television, on a powerful computer with a large internet connection. As much as I enjoy writing reviews, I like Boxee because it takes me away from my computer. No doubt skins will soon be available, to blend in with your home decor / colour scheme.

Boxee most importantly runs on Linux and Mac, more recently June 2009, it has been ported to Windows. The best part of this product is that it is opensource software: which means you can freely modify and enhance the software by writing or downloading applications from App Box. While at the present time it does play most none DRM media, being open source it is likely to get around issues of DRM should media moguls ever confuse commercial rights with human rights.

Reviewed by Roland Munyard – 26th June 2009

The remaining text has been extracted from the (26th June 2009)

  • A New Way to Enjoy Entertainment on your TV & PC
  • Online TV, movies, music, and photos – made easy for couch potatoes

And from the Boxee.TV Website:  Boxee is a free, open-source software platform that integrates personal media with Internet media along with social networking. boxee’s social networking component allows users to share information about what they’re listening to or watching with other Boxee users or friends on social networks like twitter, facebook, etc.Boxee is designed for your TV and use of a remote control. To get Boxee on your TV you’ll need to first connect your computer to the TV screen. You will most likely need an DVI/VGA to HDMI cable (but it depends on the specific input/output on your computer and TV).Boxee is based on the Award winning open-source project XBMC, and also incorporates the XUL framework (which is the basis for the Mozilla browser).

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  1. Roland says:

    Check out Boxee for iPad which will enable you to view your video and media library (on you Mac or PC), from your iPad.

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