Our new iMac – we love it!

Hi Rols

Matt and I are thoroughly enjoying our brand new shiny iMac.  It was very simply and easy to set up and our study now looks a whole lot better with a sleek iMac as feature (as opposed to the fat old dinosaur of a computer that we had before).

Mac Logos

Apple Mac Logos

The fact that it is so compact is a definite bonus for us (we don’t have a huge house).  The simple cord for the keyboard and mouse is managable on a small desk in a small study.  There is no bulky ‘box’ to find a suitable place for, and the cord and cable plugs are easily accessible.

The speakers are fantastic (built in and totally audible) and the compatibility between the iMac and our (also new) iPod makes life simple.

It takes seconds to warm up and get started, even less to shut down, and we find the Mac very easy to find our way around.  Matt has an iPhone for work (which he loves) and it is obviously totally compatible with the iMac.

Thanks for the loan of the MacBook.  Except that . . . . . . Matt just got a laptop from work (it’s not a Mac) and because he’s been so spoilt with using the borrowed MacBook, it’s a little hard to be appreciative of the new work laptop!

Thanks again with all your help and assistance.

Mrs Lauren Loft

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