Loving my mac!

Hi Roly

I just wanted to put in writing to you how much I am loving my mac. At first I was a little apprehensive and worried about changing operating systems, not being the most computer literate person and feeling too old to learn.   So imagine my surprise when I found it so easy to pick up.

My first surprise came with “numbers”  I had tried to learn excel but found it annoying and difficult.  I opened Numbers and within 10 minutes I had created the perfect document. I was very excited!

Secondly, I had created a document in Word on my PC at home which I add to continuously.  Opening the document at school one day, i decided to change the font size which threw everything into disaray.  (I had inserted many pictures)  After spending a long time trying to resize and move the corresponding images I gave up in disgust.  I then decided to open the same document through Pages.  To my surprise, it opened easily, and every image was easily highlighted.  This allowed me to  quickly line up all the images.

And lastly, I was in my classroom yesterday and I went to open up a powerpoint document which had been created at home.  I went into a momentary panic as my mac would not open it.  (a teacher’s worst nightmare)  I then went through Keynote and once again it opened effortllessly!  So my class proceeded as planned.

While I am still learning the many intricacies of the mac, (and there have been a few moments of frustration)  I am more than happy and very excited to be given the opportunity to use one!


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