Three Big Days in a Student Laptop Program and Rollout

Three Big Days in a Student Laptop Program

  • Day 1 – Tuesday 22nd Feb  – Laptop Evening – Parent Night
  • Day 2 – Wednesday 23rd Feb – Laptop Preparation Day
  • Day 3 – Thursday 24th Feb – Laptop Handout and Initialization

Day 1 – Laptop Evening (Parent Night)

The purpose of this evening is to introduce the Laptop Program to Students and Parents who were interested. Our program is slightly different from most other Laptop Programs that know of, for example the laptops will be stored in trolleys over night.

I had begun doing my documentation and preparation for the Student Laptop some time ago, together with a significant amount of research. (I find that documenting and planning  early helps me clarify what needs to be done and in some ways makes the “what does not exist yet” real.

I printed my “Why Apple Mac” document and handed this out together with a  quite comprehensive “Laptop Handbook”.  The Handbook comprised of four main parts:

  • The Handbook
  • The School Computer Usage Policy
  • The Lease Agreement
  • The Insurance Contact
  • The Why Apple Mac

Mike and I prepared for the evening by considering the types of questions that parents and students were likely to ask during the evening.

We had the Laptop Trolleys on display in the Theatre together with a few Macbooks, with a variety of coloured crystal cases.

Principals Address ran smoothly, during which time he also demonstrated the Mac briefly,  showing how the Mac can quite easily be closed and restarted, by closing the lid.

Day 2 – Laptop Preparation Day

Wednesday 23rd February

There is not a great deal to discuss other than to explain that I use Deploy Studio to image laptops. The image itself was prepared long before this day and I had the advantage of having deployed about 30 laptops to our secondary teachers about a month previous.

Four Laptop Trolleys had been prepared,  respectively they contained 28, 25, 23 and 23 Macbooks which match the class sizes for years 12, 11, and two year 10 classes.

Serial Numbers were collected for each laptop and the laptop is stored in a fixed location in the trolley clearly labelled. The Macbook itself has the name of the student as well as the phone number of the school clearly marked in the front and covered with a coloured case.

Asset management is something I will focus on more in the future.

Day 3 –  Macbook Handout and Initialisation

We handed out the laptops during Senior School Assembly, which is held in the church next alongside our school.  After an address by the Principal our Macbook program, the benefits of Macbook in education, I was offered the stage and my goals were :

  • to introduce students to their new Macbook
  • to work through the registration processes
  • to highlight some of the Macbook features
  • to address any questions about the new Macbook

According the the consultant working with me, who has witnessed a number of laptop programs, the whole process went extremely well  and this was the smoothest roll out he had witnessed. This is in part because we have well behaved students who I feel appreciate having a new Macbook.

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