Things I did not necessarily know (Part I)

Having problems with your DNS / Internet Cache

#dscacheutil -flushcache

Refreshing the list of printers from the MacServer

Last login: Mon Feb  7 07:24:37 on console
mac$ cupsctl BrowseRemoteProtocols=cups
mac$ cupsctl BrowsePoll=macserver.student.local:631

A Safe Mode for Macs.

If your Mac is behaving strangely, try holding down the Shift Key which will boot your Mac, this places it in a sort of  “Safe Mode” Boot and sorts out a number of potential issues and does a Disk Check.

No “Green for Go” Network on Domain Macs

We have a few Mac Labs, occasionally they don’t get the “Green for Go” Wireless Network Light on the login screen. To Fix this simply login as a  Mac Admin user, connect to the Wireless Network  and then logout.  We only seem to have this issue on Lab Macs which connect to Open Directory and have multiple users.



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One Response to Things I did not necessarily know (Part I)

  1. Roland says:

    We need to add an entry to the DNS server for the zone returning an A record of (mac server) to enable transparent software update caching.

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