Installation Notes for the Production Server.

School Apple Server Installation

Well after two test environments I am ready for the final install, I am quite particular about Server installations, both on Windows and Mac, because once it’s done it’s pretty much done. I can recall doing Large scale Unix installations in the 1990’s and doing it right first time was always high on my list of priorities.  So the following is therefore an attempt to at least track what gets done.

GCCC Server installation notes

1.    Power on Xserve
2.    Insert OS X server install disc
3.    Boot from disc
4.    Choose english
5.    Open disk utility from utilities menu
6.    Click on first hard disk
7.    Select  Raid
8.    Enter a name for the raid set
9.    Drag disk 1 into the raid list
10.    Drag disk 2 into the raid list
11.    Click Create
12.    Close disk utility
13.    Click continue
14.    Click Agree
15.    Choose the raid set to install on
16.    Click customize
17.    Untick language translations
18.    Click OK
19.    Click Install
20.    After install choose language and keyboard layout
21.    Enter serial number
22.    Enter registered to and organisation
23.    Set up new server
24.    Continue reg info
25.    Continue reg info
26.    Timezone
27.    Enter local administrator name/shortname and password
28.    Enter static ip configuration
29.    Verify dns configuration
30.    Configure manually
31.    Do not connect to directory and continue
32.    Do not set up od master and continue
33.    Click set up
34.    Click GO
35.    Click Choose Configured Services
36.    Choose desired services

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