Just a quick note about my Mac experience.

Just a quick note about my Mac experience.

I wasn’t hostile to Mac’s but was wary of changing what seemed to ‘work’ with PC
Had general concerns about compatibility issues and had picked up the odd ungrounded prejudice from like minded chang-o-philes.

At the end of the day the solution was ideal to me. One computer from home, to desk, to classroom and, what a computer! I was immediately impressed with the display and enchanted with the intuitive touch pad control.

The speed and fuss free nature of things, the clever ‘dock’ feature and just enough familiar controls kept my interest and after effortless integration with home and school wireless networks, old favourites like MSoffice, Mozilla and dropbox, shared folders to include precious music, video and photo folders from my existing PC’s and the mighty time machine to back-up and archive my entire life, I’m a wholesale convert.

I am a computer user and this is a computer I can use. This is without mentioning what feels like superior hardware to my Dell and Toshiba laptops, (these are for sale if anyone is interested 🙂 Apple care, system benefits (Roly assures me they are significant) sleep and wake features like they should be and a battery that lasted me the best part of two days.

Thanks for the effort you put in pushing for what seems like a logical progression to me. I can honestly say that I’ll be buying software which thanks to Apple’s simple licensing system will transfer straight to the next computer I buy which will assuredly be a Mac

Rob M

PS, For Sale (all the other computers I own) please make an offer!!! He He!


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