Music on Vintage Mac’s

Making Music on Vintage Macs is what most interests me about older Macintosh Computers.  I have collected an ensemble of information about Vintage Music Software.

From a post on the forum:  “If you are just looking for a list of music programs from 1985-1986, among the popular originals:   MusicWorks,  Professional Composer, ConcertWare, WaveEdit, MacMusic, Delux Music Construction Set, MacMIDI Software (MIDIWorks & MegaTrack), MIDI Composer Music Shop MusicType SongPainter, StudioMac”

Also see. … reducePage

I found an interesting article about Music on Vintage Macs, which I feel tempted to save as a PDF to ensure this information is recorded.

There appears to be quite a lot of Music Software for Vintage Mac.

Forum post which may be of interest regarding Music on Macs


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