Macintosh SE – Manufactured 1988

A hapless meander along memory lane started recently when I could not resist purchasing this “Classic Macintosh” computer I had seen on eBay, I purchased it for $34. After contacting the owner I  discovered that it had been used in a Baptist Church until it was sold to the previous owner at a garage sale.

So where does one look for software and information about these devices? The following websites proved useful places to start.

What can you do with a Compact Macintosh

You can compose and play music: ConcertWare is was around in 1984

You can use it for education and games: An early version of KidPix works very nicely on a Mac SE, thank you.  There are a raft of Macintosh games for Mac OS 6.0.7.

Let me have a look!

Ok, so you want to see some of what my little Mac SE can do, then have a look at there are about 7 or so games on the right hand side. You will also find some other links which may be of interest. The full list of games is here

A great place to find old games is the Macintosh Garden, and if this does not make you want to rush out and buy a vintage Mac, then you are safe from the ancient and only Macintosh virus which instead of computers preys upon humans.

Another interesting games site is which mainly lists DOS games, however there are some Macintosh games listed. The site is interesting because it lists many rare and unknown games which are themselves a tribute to the many original game designers of that era. These days there appears to be less  original “none violent” games available for kids to choose from.

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