Apple Mac Training for Students

This entry will be cross posted in my “Mac Journey blog”, a simple record of progress as a school along with the Apple brick road. The Macs are being rolled out quite speedily, the two Laptop Trolleys have been setup, the iMacs have been placed in around the Library, the xServer and Deploy Studio have be configured and work well, the images are complete, the Blog and Wiki are accessible.

As the primary instigator and with most of the work complete, I observed students taking their first Apple Mac steps and feel that training will, perhaps, become my single most important challenge, and one that I must overcome quickly.

What I propose to do, starting on Monday, is offer small groups of students MacTraining during lunch breaks. Our lunch breaks are staggered between Primary and Secondary, I may even consider doing these after school, and during the homework club, perhaps even take some of the parents along this journey.  So I expect for me, the remainder of the term may be quite busy.


  • Take into account that we do not yet run a 1 to 1 programme, these Macs are shared
  • The Macs are located in our new multimillion dollar library, they look impressive.
  • Our students bar about a dozen have never used Macs before.
  • Students and Teachers have access to the Macs during school and lunch times.
  • Teachers are being trained in groups of 10 by Beyond Chalk.


  1. How have other schools addressed this challenge?
  2. Do you have any Howto’s, Cheat Sheets, Student Resources to share?

I guess in computer terms: I have the renowned 50+ year old Computer Bootstrap problem on my hands.  I would normally preload and bootstrap the Teachers who, “preloaded” would boot the Students.

Feel my pain.

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