Preparing Images

Preparing and Building Images

The last two days have been spent preparing our images and building our Mac server. We’ve had two practice runs with this so I guess this is the final show. For full details have a look at the earlier two blog entries I have kept of the post production or development environments.

One of my concerns now is that I don’t really want to install Windows on every Mac. Originally I had thought it would be great to have dual boot systems although I am concerned now that this prolongs the life of Windows within our school. I feel now that a Windows machine should be a Windows machine and a Mac machine should be a Mac machine however where necessary I shall dual boot only where necessary rather than install two computers on a desk.

What Software do you use and do you have any recommendations? I currently have the following.

Apple Mac: iWorks Suite, iLife Suite, Adobe Web Suite, OpenOffice, Firefox, VLC, Cord, Burn, Google sketch-up, Google Earth, Flip for Mac, Perian, Clickview, MuseScore on my initial Mac image.

Windows: Office 2007,Clickview, Foxit Reader, Adobe Web Suite, Adobe Reader, Image Burn, Firefox, PDF Creater, VLC, 7-Zip, Audacity, Numbers Up 1 and 2, Readme, Paint.NET, Typing Tournament,  Photostory 3, Tux Racer, Tux Paint, MuseScore, Logger Pro, Open Office, Queensland Fonts, et al.  I have other CAD Products on some of our images but for the most part, the above is what I have installed on our basic image.

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