Hey Roly,
Just wanted to tell you whats been happening with me and all these fancy new Macs! Straight up.. I’m loving it! They are so shiny, and new, and the kids are all VERY excited about them.. theres definitely a Buzz… Anyway, in practical terms, I had my ITS class down on them yesterday, with 2 study period kids as well, I expected my ITS guys to pick it up pretty quickly, which they did – even Nick Galea (who swears he is useless on computers) was up and running, doing his tafe work within minutes. The two study period girls had never used a Mac before and were also off and running with it within a few minutes… It was clear that they all loved them when they were asking if they could take them home with them.. ha!
With regard to my own organisation, I just synced my entire Calendar and Contacts from google within about 2 minutes, following about 3 steps.. so now my calendar and contacts all stay the same between my gmail account, the calendar on the computer (iCal) and my nokia phone (Wish it was an iPhone).
Another thing that I love about these computers is that the speakers in them are built to actually be heard! (unlike the Dells) For example, as I dont yet have a projector and speaker system in my classroom, I had to show a DVD to the students (25 of them) just on my new iMac – without anything being plugged in. All the students could see the image (Beautiful 21 inch screen) and all students could hear what was being said (awesome quality speakers). That being said.. I still want a projector in my room.. Haha.. Anyway, next step is to actually get one for home.. we are blessed to have such cutting edge technology in our school! Wish I could afford to get it at home!! Because I think I am now officially an iMan.. haha..

Thanks again Roly,

– Brad Evans

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