Sal Khan and the Khan Academy

Sal Khan is a hero of mine. Below is a short quotation about Sal Khan, by Mark Hurst. I was first introduced to Sal Khan by Mark Hurst another of my hero’s about whom I shall most certainly write, Sal and Mark attended M.I.T together.

Sal Khan runs the world’s biggest school, and it’s completely free. The Khan Academy is a collection of 1,600 instructional videos, all posted on YouTube, all designed, illustrated, and narrated by Sal himself. Anyone with an Internet connection can learn math – from “one plus one” all the way through advanced calculus – or various topics within biology, history, and finance – just from watching Sal’s videos.

Watch an Interview here
or Watch  Sal Khan’s Gel video introduced by Mark Hurst.

And Singularity Hub says “the Khan Academy is the best thing that has happened to education since Socrates.”

Sal Khan is quite evidently doing amazing thing’s and I’m certain you will no doubt stumble over him at some stage if you are in some way involved with teaching, ( if your goals in teaching are noble).  Before you go out and read the popular press about Sal, which will take you to people like Bill Gates of all unlikely people, since it turns out that Sal Khan is Bill Gates favourite teacher, hopefully you will have looked at Sal’s narration, of what he has achieved at et talks to an Audience who are interested in “Good Experience”.

I go Grrrr…. only because after years of poor user experience and customer frustration, Bill turns to Sal’s  “giving of himself for the benefit of many ” as a source of delight as he pours over the Sal Tuition and Teachings with his very own daughter.

Recently Google also officially recognized Sal Khan by donating a significant amount of cash to Sal Khans Academy,  although Google would have long ago noticed Sal has his YouTube’s Views sky rocketed. It makes me chuckle to think that Bill and his daughter pour over video’s distributed freely and kindly distributed by Google.

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