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Annoyances Part I

Annoyances Adobe Updater: This appears on my toolbar on OSX, for something that only runs once a day an icon is too much real estate to spare, besides Adobe in general suffers from a false  sense of self worth. To Disable … Continue reading

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Preparing Images

Preparing and Building Images The last two days have been spent preparing our images and building our Mac server. We’ve had two practice runs with this so I guess this is the final show. For full details have a look … Continue reading

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Beyond Chalk – Our first session.

Today we had our first session with Beyond Chalk. Tori Potts (Victoria) turned up at about 2pm, I had the computers set up in the Circle of Knowledge together with the data projector, she arrived with an airport extreme, a … Continue reading

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MACS! WOOHOO! Hey Roly, Just wanted to tell you whats been happening with me and all these fancy new Macs! Straight up.. I’m loving it! They are so shiny, and new, and the kids are all VERY excited about them.. … Continue reading

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Sal Khan and the Khan Academy

Sal Khan is a hero of mine. Below is a short quotation about Sal Khan, by Mark Hurst. I was first introduced to Sal Khan by Mark Hurst another of my hero’s about whom I shall most certainly write, Sal … Continue reading

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