IP Phones and VOIP

We are about to embark on a VOIP System, since we have run out of available expansion on our existing PABX system. It seems sensible to continue with our existing   phone company who operates along the Sunshine Coast and so  for the following reasons, we plan to continue with them.

  • Our existing PABX works well
  • They have a number of reference sites along the Coast, including Sunshine Grammar, whom they invited me to contact.
  • Our existing lease is about to expire and so, this is an opportune time, besides there does not appear to be any other way to get phones into our new library.

Using our existing provider  does not suggest that I do not expect to have problems of any sort, to the contrary, thus far the main issues I have identified are as follows:

  • No Dedicated Internet Connection for Phone / VOIP
  • QOS is not likely to be across my entire network, (yet)
  • Bandwidth on the LAN is likely to be sufficient
  • Need to be able to support 1 or more SIP providers in addition to the Trunk
  • POE is not across our entire network

This has been an interesting project, in as much as that it is interesting from a technology perspective, and because as a project it has moved forward swiftly.  Conversations with their sales consultant have proved highly inaccurate, for example, (ignoring my protestations to the contrary),  our consulate  confirmed that our network could easily support proposed IP Phones.  I grin and ask, how so? Have you seen our network, no! His enthusiasm and confidence is displayed with a proposed installation date.

Wow, that is confident,  fortunately I have a plan, and assure management that subject to my proposed network infrastructure going ahead, all will be well.  Note, I don’t say all is well, rather all will be well.  This provides me opportunity to leverage a few more switches out of the “unofficial budget”, and I could not have wished for better timing.
Smiling, I confirm the proposed date, and wait longingly, needless to say, 77 phones arrive on site.  Not one can be installed because there is no POE across the school network as I explained previously in the previous meeting.  I guess we did get a lot done, programmed all the Phones and got an idea of where they all should go.
I have placed them on the 10.0.4.X range,  and we are starting at x.x.x.100 (I do the same thing with my printers so I can identify their IP address from their extension or in the case of a printer from the printer name.

All the network equipment has been ordered and is expected to arrive in 10 or 12 days which is quite a long time considering that that makes it about the 12th of October, Mid Term and I will need to schedule downtime.

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